How is the unit assessment graded?

The unit assessments each contain 20 questions. Eighteen of the questions are multiple choice, and two of the questions are constructed response questions (short answer).

The multiple choice questions are automatically graded by the LMS quiz engine, and are valued at 1 point each by default. This value can be changed using the LMS' functionality.

The constructed responses do not have a point value assigned to them in the LMS, since they require an instructor to grade them (they are not auto-graded like the multiple choice questions).

In the Instructor Guide for each unit, we provide a scoring guide and a suggested point value for each constructed response. However, it is up to each instructor to decide how many points to assign for all multiple choice and constructed response questions in the unit assessment.

Missing Constructed Response Questions

If you do not see the constructed response questions in your assessments, this is most likely due to limitations of your LMS to properly import them. If you would like to use these questions, please contact your LMS Administrator, who can request a copy of the questions from NROC (by retrieving them from or submitting a support ticket for assistance). You can then manually update the assessments to include the constructed response questions.

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