What is the difference between My Journal and the Writing Center?

My Journal captures student responses to question prompts as they progress through the unit. It gets them started writing early in the course, in a safe place with low stakes. My Journal helps students engage in the reading process and encourages them to think about and document important information gathered during pre-reading, active reading, post-reading, and pre-writing. Students can always open My Journal to see or edit their responses. The reward of keeping information in My Journal will become obvious to learners during the writing process when information gathered in My Journal will be organized and easily accessible for use in the Writing Center.


The Writing Center is the writing workspace for the students, and the last of the seven activities students will complete in each unit. The Writing Center culminates in the creation of the writing assignment that will be sent to the course instructor for a grade.


In the Writing Center, students are provided with their assignment and a scaffolded workspace that provides support for the student along the way. Students are provided with links that take them back to the written ideas they generated in My Journal so they don’t have to start the writing process with a blank page.


Navigation along the bottom of the screen shows the steps in the writing process, and highlights as the student progresses through the steps of the Writing Center:

  • First Draft
  • Writing Workshop 1 (video)
  • First Draft Review
  • Second Draft
  • Writing Workshop 2 (video)
  • Second Draft Edit
  • Final Paper



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