Unit Content Tab

The Unit Content tab allows the instructor to change some of the available content settings in each unit individually. This page explains:



If the instructor has registered multiple classes with the Course Manager, those classes will be listed in the "Select a class to edit" drop down menu.


Use the "Select a Unit to edit" drop down menu to edit the parameters for each unit individually.



Unit Editing Options

For each Unit, there are several features that can be toggled off and on, as well as the option to customize the "Tips" for each unit.



Each option on the page is detailed below.

Additional Assignment Instructions

Additional Assignment Instructions for the Writing Center are off by default. When toggled to "Yes", an input box will appear and customized instructions can be added. You may use basic HTML to include bold text or links.

When Additional Assignment Instructions are saved in the NROC Course Manager, they will appear at the top of the Writing Assignment in the Writing Center, under the title "A Note From Your Instructor".

To see how these changes in the NROC Course Manager affect the course as viewed by students, visit the course and open the Unit, then click on the Writing Center. Click on "Continue" to bypass the instruction screen, then you will see the Writing Assignment in the right sidebar.




Scaffolding Tips

Scaffolding Tips are on by default. Students see a "tip" button next to each segment of the Writing Assignment in the Writing Center. When clicked, a yellow box containing a writing tip is displayed. The default tips are automatically available when Scaffolding Tips is on. The tips can be customized here, using basic HTML.

Select the tip to customize from the drop down menu, and edit or add text and HTML in the field below.




Writing Process (Reviews)

Instructors can toggle Peer Review and Instructor Review off and on for both the First Draft and the Second Draft. The option to toggle Peer Reviews will only display here if Peer Reviews are set to “Allowed” on the Class Settings tab.


The default settings for all units are:
First Draft Instructor Review: OFF
Second Draft Instructor Review: ON
Peer reviews are OFF by default, but if you turn them on, the default settings are:
First Draft Peer Review: ON
Second Draft Peer Review: OFF
These defaults can also be overridden by inheriting settings from another class.
Note: Altering review settings will not retroactively affect students who have submitted their drafts for that unit. It will only affect future submissions. Students can be forced to resubmit after a settings change by using the "Reset" link in the Unit Progress Report ("Reports" tab).
NOTICE: Classes registered in Summer/Fall 2020 had incorrect default settings for Instructor and Peer reviews. Existing or customized settings were not affected or changed.

If you have already customized your Instructor and Peer Review settings for all 10 units and they are working as you intend, then no action is required.

If you made no modifications to the default settings or if reviews are not working as you expected, you should review the settings for all 10 units to be sure they are how you want them to be. 
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