Why We Developed the NROC Course Manager

The NROC Course Manager is a proprietary service for NROC members that provides a database of student scores and progress generated by the Developmental English course. This data is available to the institution for grading purposes, and is also utilized by the course to present a personalized learning path, based on scores from pre-assessments and in-course review problems.

We designed this service after encountering the widely varying support for SCORM across the more common LMSes in use by our members. We had developed our courses in compliance with SCORM, to pass a score from the interactive media to the LMS-native gradebook; however, each LMS provided a different level of support for SCORM -- to the point of rendering our compliance moot.

The NROC Course Manager is, therefore, intentionally LMS agnostic. The data generated by students is available to instructors and institutions in a secure format, and can be downloaded as an Excel file. Each institution can work with that data as they choose. 

We encourage members to map the data produced by the NROC Course Manager to their LMS gradebook, and share their methods with the NROC community.



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