What to do when a student completed work on the public site, instead of your institution's site.

Occasionally, a student will unintentionally register and complete work on the public EdReady site, instead of the institution's private EdReady site.

If your student has completed work on the public EdReady site, there is no way to retrieve or merge that data with the student's account on your institution's EdReady site.

We provide two suggestions to help you resolve this problem.

1. The student can manually share his data with the instructor:

  • Student Study Path details can be downloaded (to pdf) or emailed
  • Students can also download and share a detailed report of their testing activity from their My Account page (by clicking the 'Download your Data' under the "Student data export" subheading)

2. The student can retake the initial diagnostic on your EdReady site. The student will register and begin working in your private EdReady site by taking the initial diagnostic. Although this is an extra step for the student, if he has been studying the resources on the public site, he should be able to score well on the initial diagnostic and be placed in approximately the same point on the new study path.

This is done by simply registering a new account at your institution's private site. Students should use the SAME password they used on the public site. They will see the following message:


The student must re-enter the existing password (the same one used on the public site) and click "Add site to your account".

Now the student can begin working in the private site by taking the initial diagnostic. The instructor (and other users with Reports access) will now be able to see the student's new data.

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