How to Get Help in EdReady

Click on the "Need Help?" button.

The button is available in all pages of EdReady, whether you are signed in as a student, teacher or administrator.

Type in your question, and hit Enter.

See if we have any helpful articles. If not, contact us directly.

If you don't find any articles that answer your question, click "Contact us".

Provide the details of your issue, and click "Submit".

If you need assistance from our staff, please fill in the details on this page. The required information will vary depending on whether you are working on a student, teacher or administrator page of EdReady. This helps us to route your question to the right staff person and get your question answered as quickly as possible.

Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).

That's it!

When you see this screen, you know we have received your message.

You will get an automated reply by email within a few minutes, and a personal reply from a staff member within one business day (but we are usually much quicker than that; often you'll hear from us within a few hours).

Please bear in mind that our staff is only available during weekday business hours, and we generally do not answer support issues on weekends and holidays. Thank you for understanding.

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