The Students tab lists all the students in the class and details about their activity in the course.

Select a class to view.

Initially, the Students tab will show no students. Use the drop down menu to select a class for the Student tab to display.


The initial view does not display student details.

To ensure fast loading of large classes, the initial view of the Students tab does not show all student details. This is convenient when your goal is to drop or delete students, or see who has begun working in the course. Click on Load All Details to fill in the table.


Click "Load All Details" to fill in the table with the most current student data.

After clicking "Load All Details" the table will fill with student data. This can take some time, depending on the size of the class. You can use the same button to Pause and Continue loading the student data as needed. After the table is filled, the "Load All Details" button will be grayed out, and only the "Refresh Data" button will be available.


Student Data Overview

In this table, the following data is available:

Units Attempted

The number of Units the student has started, regardless of how much work was completed.

Units Completed

The number of Units the student has completed.

Review Score (Average)

The mean average score of the reviews for all units.

Total Course Time (HH:MM:SS)

Total time the student has spent with the course active in the browser, in hours:minutes:seconds.


  • Inactivate: Removes the student from the course, but does not delete student data from the NROC Course Manager. The student can be reactivated.

    • Important Note: Inactive students will be unable to access any future NROC courses until they are reactivated in THIS course. We recommend that you reactivate all students at the end of the term, in case they return in the future under a different instructor.

  • Delete: Permanent and complete removal of the student and their coursework from this class only. This affects all coursework for this class and should therefore be used with great care. This action is irreversible.


Click on a student name to drill down further.

To get a more detailed breakdown of which activities the student spent time on in each Unit of the course, click on the student's name (see screenshot above; student names are blurred for privacy). For even more granular data, click on the Unit link.

The "Attempts" column on the student detail table indicates how many times the student started a session in each unit, regardless of how long they worked.


Click on the student's name to return to the previous level.

Click on the "Currently viewing" course link to return to the top level of the Students tab.

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