Instructors Tab (Administrators Only)

The Instructors tab is only visible to Institutional Admins. This tab displays a list of all the instructors who have registered classes with the NROC Course Manager, for both Developmental Math and Developmental English.


The institutional administrator can edit or delete any instructor's profile (username, name, email). This feature can be used to resolve input errors and name changes.

Login As

The institutional administrator can log in as (impersonate) any instructor to see the NROC Course Manager from that instructor's point of view. This is helpful in diagnosing reports of trouble from instructors, without requiring the instructor's login credentials.

Add New Instructor

A new instructor can also be added here. This action does not add the instructor to a class, it only creates the account.

To add the new instructor to a class, go to the Class Settings tab (1) and select a class from the drop down menu (2). Then select the new instructor from the drop down menu (3) and click Save Changes (4). 


Note: This will immediately disable the former instructor's access to this class, but not the entire NROC Course Manager. Select a different class from the dropdown menu to add the former instructor to a different class.
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