How is the course designed?

The Developmental English curriculum consists of ten (10) units, each following the same sequence of integrated reading and writing experiences, beginning with pre-reading, moving into reading and post-reading activities, and then taking the learner through the writing process: pre-writing, writing, revising and editing.

This sequence enables learners to make predictions about their reading, analyze content and rhetorical structures, and build their vocabulary, while integrated grammar, punctuation and usage exercises improve their writing mechanics. Media-rich presentations and exercises support learners as they apply and practice strategies for reading and writing effectively.

Throughout this curriculum, learners experience the similar strategies required for reading as they are then repeated through writing. For example, students learn to identify the main idea when reading and to create a main idea when writing. Here is what a unit home page looks like, showing the sequence of reading and writing tasks that the student will encounter in every unit:



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