How To Register Your Course (DevMath Instructors)

This article applies to Developmental Math with Pre-Assessments. These are the steps for an instructor to follow to register a new course with the NROC Course Manager.

The complete document for DevMath instructors can be found here.

1. Open the course in your LMS.

2. Click on the "Course Management and Reporting" link, located in the Introduction section of the course.

3. Choose your name from the drop down list, if you have previously created an account in the NROC Course Manager. If not, you can create a new account by selecting "New Instructor". 

Inherit Settings (optional): If you would like this course to inherit settings from a previous course you have taught, or if your school has set up a class that is intended to serve as the template for class settings, check the "Inherit Course Settings" box. You will be prompted to select the template course from a drop down menu. 

For NROC Math, the Class Settings tab and Unit Content tab from the master class will be replicated when this option is used.

5. Click on the Create This Class button to complete the registration process.

6. Your screen will show that the course status is "Registered". You may now log in with the username and password you created, and edit or review your settings.





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