The Students tab allows drill-down to the student's detailed information at the topic level. 

Delete and Drop options are also available. Delete will remove the student and all records from the NROC Course Manager. Drop is a status change only, and does not delete the student's records. The student can be reinstated at a later date.

On the main screen, you can see the student' average scores for pre-assessments and reviews, as well as topics attempted, topics mastered, and units completed. Total time spent, as reported by the browser, is also indicated. This is not an indication of student interaction with the material, only of how long the browser was open to the material.

When you drill down by clicking on a student's name, you will see additional information.


This screen shows the Unit Score as an average of all Topic scores. Additionally, you'll see the Pre-Assessment score for each unit and the total time.

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