Six-Month Required Password Reset

Every six months, you will be required to update your password to access EdReady. You will not be able to log in until you create a new password.

You will encounter a screen that looks like this:


Steps to Update Password

  1. Enter your current password.
  2. Enter a new password that meets the parameters of a "strong" password.  The parameters are explained below the strength meter. The strength meter must turn green before you can proceed.
  3. Enter the same new password in the last field to confirm it.
  4. If both new passwords match, the Save button will activate.
  5. Click "Save" and you will be logged in.


  • You have an option to "show password" for the current and new password to make sure you are entering it correctly. 
  • You can use this option to copy/paste the new password into the confirmation field.
  • SSO (single sign-on) users are authorized based on their local system's security protocols and do not have a password on our system. These users will not be asked to reset their password.
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