Error: LTI Context Could Not Be Established

This error is generally due to the global LTI tool not being set up properly in the administration area of the LMS.

  • The NROC Course Manager URL may be incorrect. Did you copy/paste it? Does it have excess white space at the end or beginning? Were some characters escaped? 
  • Your Key and/or Secret may be incorrect. Be sure they are not in the wrong fields. Did you copy/paste them? Do they have excess white space at the end or beginning? 

If your LMS does not have a global LTI tool, but rather requires setting up a tool for each individual link, you will have to check the settings for each "Unit Map" link, as well as the "Course Management and Reporting" link.

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    Gordon Roethemeyer

    Preparing to configure LTI integration in Canvas in order to pull EdReady into a course. Can anyone offer some guidance or is it pretty straight forward?

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    Marci Abraham

    Hi Gordon,
    Canvas tends to be straightforward, but I do want to be sure you've got the right instructions for what you're planning to do. I'm going to open a ticket for you....check your email.

    Marci :)

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