What does a status of 'Needs Review?' or 'Mastery Predicted' mean?

(Note: this status was previously labeled as 'mastered?' to students)
Your students may see a status of 'Needs Review?' for Units in an Assessment, and you may see Units/ Topics marked as "Mastery Predicted" in the Unit and Topic detail reports.
This status relates to the fact that students complete an initial diagnostic test. The material covered in this test is based on the assessment's expedited scope,` which likely does not include all Learning Objectives (LOs) in the complete scope for a Unit. Mastery Predicted/ 'Needs Review?' means they get to the Mastery % (100) for the LOs that were asked in the initial assessment, but the LOs covered aren't enough to ensure a 100% mastery overall. 
As an example:
--Total LO's in a Unit : 60
--Number of LOs in Initial Diagnostic test: 10
If a student gets 10 LOs correct in that initial test, they'll have a Unit Diagnostic Score of 100%  (10 out of 10 = Needs Review?/ Predicted Mastered). But, since the Unit overall score is only 16.6% (10 out of 60 = NOT READY), the Unit is marked as Predicted Mastered/ 'mastered?'


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