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Students Tab Overview

This tab allows you to view, edit, and archive the students registered with your EdReady site. As an administrative user, you don’t have the ability to add students, but you can view any student registered with your site. 


The available student information can be sorted & filtered to easily allow you to find a specific student you’re looking for. To limit the students displayed, enter text in any of the available Filter textboxes or make a selection for the filter dropdown: the list of students below will automatically update to only include those that meet the filter criteria.

You can edit the columns displayed on-screen here by clicking the "+" button above the table. (More information on how tables in EdReady are displayed can be found here.)

You can also sort the displayed information by clicking the arrows in each column header: click once to sort alphabetically ascending (A-Z) and click again to sort descending (Z-A).

To view/ edit a specific student, click the Edit link in the ‘Actions' column. 

Archiving a Student Account

Please note that archiving a student account is akin to deleting them, but it does preserve their data in the system. Archiving removes the student's data from reports and also prevents the student from logging in.

Please do not use archiving as a way to hide students who are temporarily inactive. Use the "Deactivate" option instead. It is easier to reverse than archiving.

You can archive and deactivate a student by clicking the Archive link in the ‘Actions’ column.


A status message will appear above the Students List table, alerting you that you have successfully archived a student.

Archiving will not delete the student's account or their progress, but it will make them inactive and remove them from the Students List and most reports.

Restoring an Archived Student Account

Restoring an archived student account is typically a two-part process. You may only want to restore the student to reports, but still not allow them to log in. Therefore, the restore process does not immediately activate the account and allow the student to log in.

A student may be restored from the Archived Students List. To restore a student, open the list by clicking on the blue folder above the Students List table.

1.   Click the Restore link in the 'Actions' column. A status message will appear above the Archived Students List table, alerting you that you have successfully restored a student.

2.  Restoring a student will not automatically reactivate their account so that they can log in.  If you want the student to be able to log in, you will need to edit the student and manually reactivate their account

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