Scope of Expectations

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Scope of Expectations  

This is where you specify the total scope of the material you want your students to study and master. Depending on which scope you choose, it will be based on one of three curricula: 1) NROC Developmental Math, 2) NROC Algebra 1, or 3) NROC Developmental English



You’ll see that each unit in the complete curriculum is listed – click the arrow to the left of any unit to expand the view and see all Lessons in this Unit. Click the arrow to the left of any lesson to see all available topics.

Click the checkbox for any materials you want your students to be responsible to know. You have the ability to customize the included scope down to the topic-level (or learning objective level if you enabled advanced customization on the General Information Tab).

The order of the units is also editable – they’ll display in sequential order initially, but you can also drag-and-drop any unit to change where it is located in the scope. The order here determines the order students will encounter these materials in their study path.

Once you have decided which units/topics to keep or exclude, press the Save scope of expectations button. Until you press that, none of the changes you have made above will be saved.


Exporting the Scope of Expectations

If you need information about what material is included in your Scope (and initial diagnostic), click the Email Data button to have an excel file with those details emailed to you. This file will list all Units, Lessons, and Topics available, as well as which ones are included in this scope. This button is available in both the Scope of expectations and Initial Diagnostic tabs – clicking it in either place will send you the exact same file. 


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