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Scopes Associated with a Goal

In EdReady, it is not possible to see the goals associated with a scope from the scope settings. However, you can see the scopes associated with a particular goal. To do this, you will need to access the Goal: Associated Scopes section of EdReady. 

Goal/Study Path Relation Report

Additionally, you can access the Goal/Study Path Relation Report from the Summary Reports tab on the reports dashboard. This report is a download-only, Excel compatible spreadsheet. To access this report from your reports dashboard:

  1. Click the Summary Reports tab.
  2. Click the Email Goal/Study Path Relation button.
  3. Enter the email addresses of anyone you wish to copy on the report (by default the report will be emailed to you).
  4. Click Send.


An email will be sent you (and any other recipients you indicated) with an attached spreadsheet similar to the one shown below. The report contains the scope (study path) name, the goal name, and the number of students enrolled in each goal.




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