My Classes: Math

The My Classes tab displays a list of all courses available to you, based on your role. Details about each feature below.

Role: Institutional Admin

The name of your institution.

Your institution's "key".

Your institution's "secret".

A list of all courses registered for your institution.

Role: Instructor

The name of your institution.

Your institution's "key".

A list of courses for which you are the designated Instructor.


Available features:


For each class, this tab lists whether the course is active or inactive, and provides options to activate or deactivate.


  • Deactivate If a course is deactivated, it can be reactivated without loss of NROC Course Manager data. 
  • Delete You may delete a class entirely. Please note, this action is permanent, and all data is removed from the system. The course will appear as unregistered. The course in your LMS will not be deleted and can be re-registered with the NROC Course Manager if you wish to start fresh. No data will be preserved.
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