Understand the Dev Math Course Materials: Presentation, Worked Examples, Topic Text



Students progress through six sections of content in the NROC Math courses.

(1) The Warm Up is designed to help students understand their own level of knowledge of the topic they will be studying.

(2) The Presentations use multimedia to illuminate key concepts that are covered in the Topic Text. The Presentations are not comprehensive, but rather focus on one or two concepts that can best be explained using multimedia. Throughout the presentations, we provide students with examples that provide context and make math relevant to their personal experiences.

(3) The goal of the Worked Examples is to highlight a few concepts from the Topic Text and provide step-by-step procedural examples.

(4) The goal of our Topic Text is to provide learners with a comprehensive lesson that satisfies the topic-level learning objective. Features include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the topic concepts
  • Examples and interactive questions
  • Topic Terms – pop-up definitions needed for this specific topic
  • Glossary — collection of topic terms

(5) The Practice problems are designed to help the student self-evaluate their mastery of the concepts in the lesson. Students get second chances on incorrect answers, and mid-level problems provide the option to view the solution.

(6) The Review section is a short test on the concepts covered in the lesson. The student receives immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers.


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