How To Reset Your NROC Course Manager Password

All instructors create their own password when they register their courses with the NROC Course Manager (via the "Course Management and Reporting" link in the course.)  Password resets are done from the login page and require a valid email address.

Password Reset

Use the "Lost Password" link on the login page. You must know your username, and the email address on file must match your input. You also must have access to that email inbox to complete the reset process. 


Local Support

The institution's LMS administrator has the ability to manually reset the password when logged in to the NROC Course Manager with the admin username and password. They can also look up your username and email address, so you can perform the reset yourself for better security. Please contact your LMS administrator directly if you need password assistance.

NROC Technical Support


NROC technical staff can also reset your password manually, or provide you with your username and the email address on file so you can do it yourself, which is the most secure method.
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