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LIVE Server Status

NROC Course Manager and HippoCampus:




NROC content, web applications and web services are hosted with Amazon Web Services.

The NROC Content Server consists of a data store provided by Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and a proxy server implemented with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

The Pre-assessment version of NROC Developmental Math — An Open Program, requires the use of the NROC Course Manager, which is primarily a PHP/MySQL web service implemented on Amazon EC2 and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

HippoCampus is a Java/Tomcat/mySQL web application implemented on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS.

DNS service for each of the domains we use to host NROC content and services are provided through DNS Made Easy ( We also use DNS Made Easy to provide integrated monitoring and failover services.
A more detailed description of the service infrastructure and capabilities for each of the services we use can be found here:

You can find a description of the physical facilities, primary systems, backup systems, and physical security provided by Amazon Web Services in this whitepaper.

We continuously monitor the availability and performance of these services using internal Amazon and DNS Made Easy internal tools and an independent service (

Below are links to uptime statistics for our services.

Please note that downtime includes both outages and any periods that fall outside of our performance metrics. So most of the downtime actually reflects that our servers are slow to respond, but not literally "down". We are alerted immediately to these slow conditions and respond rapidly. Our virtual infrastructure allows us to immediately and seamlessly deploy more server power when and if demand causes our servers to fall below a preset performance metric.

We have had no actual outages that are longer than a couple of minutes (to reboot a server).

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