"Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" icon in Moodle

Some Moodle users have reported seeing a "random" thumbs up or thumbs down icon in the middle of a block of text, or in certain assessment questions.

This is an artifact of the Moodle setting for emoticons, which seems to affect not only the forums (as it should), but the entire Moodle installation.

The character strings  (n)  and  (y)  are used legitimately in our content as as follows:

a(n)  -  to be read either as "a" or "an" depending on the following word

(y)  -  in a mathematical construct

When Moodle's emoticon setting is switched on, these character strings are translated by Moodle as "thumbs down" and "thumbs up" (i.e., NO and YES, respectively) and rendered as icons.

This is not a bug in the NROC course nor an error in the content. If you see this problem, please consult your Moodle administrator and request to have emoticons turned off.

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