The Future of Mobile for the NROC Library

The NROC Library and contain content that is licensed or donated by others, and content developed by NROC. As such, the current library contains some elements that run on mobile devices, but no uniform support. 

We have republished our Developmental Math and Algebra 1 "Presentations" and "Worked Examples" as movies, rather than Flash or wrapped in a Flash player, for use at These are stand-alone movies, not complete topics. As such, they do not include the Warm Up, Practice or Review segments.

As we consider new content collections (licensees/donations), we will consider the suitability of that content on the mobile platform as part of the evaluation process; however, mobile compatibility is not a requirement.

As we consider new NROC development, the mobile platform will be our primary development target (i.e., we will no longer be developing in Flash).

We will also consider republishing existing MITE-developed content for mobile platforms, but there are no current plans to do so, other than what we have done to date.

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