Best Practices: Reporting Technical Problems

If a student is reporting a technical problem with the math course, there is some specific information we need in order to assist.

  1. Do all your students have his problem, or just one, or a few?
  2. Are the affected students all using the same computer set up, such as in a school lab environment? Or does each student see the same problem on their own personal computer, such as a laptop or home computer?
  3. Have you read this Knowledge Base article for some tips on how multiple technologies interact?
  4. What is the environment on the affected computer(s)?
  • Operating system / version number
  • Browser / version number
  • Flash version number

If ALL students are having the same problem, and they are using different computers, it may be a bug or a network issue.

If all students have the same problem AND they are all using the same type of computer (such as in a lab) it is more likely a problem with the computer environment. In that case, submitting a ticket and providing the information (above) about OS, Browser and Flash version will be vital to helping us discover the cause of the issue.

If this is affecting just one or a few students, please have him/them follow these steps before contacting support for assistance:

  1. Try a different browser.
  2. Clear the browser's cache and try again.
  3. Close the browser, and reopen it. Try again with no other windows open.
  4. Reboot the computer and try again.
  5. Try a different computer, preferably with a different operating system.

If none of these resolves the problem, please submit a support ticket and provide answers to the questions noted above. This will help us to troubleshoot the problem much more quickly and get your students back on track.

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