Best Practices: Extensive Course Modifications

NROC members may have the rights to modify our courses within their own LMS environment.  This can make the communication process confusing when seeking technical support.

The following list will help you think through your modifications and retain sufficient information so that our support team can assist you with any questions.

  1. Take notes. Keep a record of the changes you made.
  2. If you are moving resources into different units or adding, eliminating, or relabeling units (e.g., you add a unit between units 2 and 3, so unit 3 becomes unit 4) consider ways to maintain the default unit numbering. For example, if you add an entire unit of "review" materials, call it "Review of Units 1-5" rather than "Unit 6: Review of Units 1-5".
  3. Quizzes can prove especially confusing if you renumber your units. Our quizzes are referenced by Unit, e.g., Unit 2 Quiz. We recommend renaming the quizzes to match the topic, rather than changing the unit number.
  4. When requesting technical support, service will be most expedient if you can refer to course resources by their original names and locations in the course. (See # 1.)
  5. Look for a "hidden" place to note the original name and location of any resources you move. Most LMSes have a display page for each resource, where HTML or text can be added as a description. Making a small note at the end of your description could prove extremely helpful in the future.

We always do our best to troubleshoot regardless of modifications. Sometimes it is helpful if you can provide the support technician with a username and password to access your LMS as an instructor or admin. This information is never shared outside the support ticket, and you can delete the temporary account at any time.

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