UCCP Content Retired in 2014

Content contributed by the University of California was retired from the NROC collection in June of 2014. We made every effort to renew this agreement but the University of California decided to distribute the content themselves through their Scout initiative. Please review the official notice for additional details.

Over the course of 2013-2014, we engaged in a multi-track campaign to alert our members and users of HippoCampus content that these materials would be retiring. 

  • warning messages on the content when accessed directly via URL or via HippoCampus
  • articles in our public and member newsletters
  • discussions/announcements at the Member Meeting in both 2013 and 2014
  • webinars highlighting our new content offerings

We have added a vast array of high-quality resources to that you may consider to replace the UC content in your courses.


The content affected is as follows:

US History I & II

American Government

Introductory Physics I & II

General Physics I & II

Introductory Calculus I & II

General Calculus I & II

Environmental Science

Elementary Algebra


Calculo General I & II (Spanish)

AP Biology I & II

AP Calculus AB I & II

AP Calculus BC I & II

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics B I & II

AP Physics C I & II

AP US History I & II

AP US Government & Politics

Algebra 1a & 1b (2004 version)

College Prep Physics I & II

Curso de Algebra 1A & 1B (Spanish)



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