Error Message: "Could not establish LTI context..."

**Could not establish LTI context: Invalid signature ours= 5LPvqDaRU2ZkoYitRNO5W2oVo= yours=qENzHO948yQnIwTh/TiBl17NE=** |

This error almost always indicates that the Key and/or Secret has been set up incorrectly in the LTI tool. 

How to find your Key and Secret

(Only Admins can perform these steps. See your LMS Administrator for assistance.)

Go to

Use the login credentials provided to you by Tech Support to access the NROC Course Manager.

Copy and paste your Key and Secret from the Course Manager into your LTI tool set up. Be sure to remove any leading or trailing white space resulting from your copy/paste.

Your username and password to the NROC Course Manager is NOT the same as your Key and Secret. 


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