Extra Practice For Students in DevMath

The NROC program strives to offer students a variety of paths to developing a balanced conceptual and procedural understanding of mathematics.  
The adaptive problem sets in the “Practice” activities in each topic are designed to help gauge a student’s mastery of a topic and to accelerate the path through the practice based on their achievement. Each objective in the course has 6 problems available in the Practice section, 2 each at beginning, medium or high level of mastery).  In addition, there are two review problems and two assessment items (in the unit exams) tied to each objective.
Students may wish to have additional practice to develop confidence in their own understanding.  Some instructors have developed (optional) homework assignments using other resources (from adopted supplemental textbooks, test banks, third-party software programs, etc) to help meet this need.  Those that have been contributed to NROC are available to your institution's admin team by logging in at
We encourage our members to share any additional resources or suggestions that they have to supplement the Dev Math content.  If  you have content to share, please do so in the NROC Math group.

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