Modifying the PreAssessment

There are two ways to customize or modify your course with pre-assessments: the NROC Course Manager or your LMS.

The NROC Course Manager has an interface that allows you to hide topics within a unit. These topics will not be covered when a student takes the pre-assessment.

Your LMS has features for hiding or rearranging whole units. Since the topics in the pre-assessments are not broken out and available as individual topics, there is no way to manage individual topics in the LMS. (Control over individual topics at the LMS level is available in the standard version of Developmental Math, without PreAssessments.

There is no feature in the NROC Course Manager to hide an entire Unit in the LMS. Even if you hide all the topics in a Unit via the NROC Course Manager, it will not affect the LMS display. Your students will still see the Unit Map, Quizzes, Learning Objectives, etc. Use the LMS features to hide those units or other items you do not wish students to interact with at all. 

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    Scott Beckett

    So which, or both, of these hiding options break the links in Blackboard: hiding them in Blackboard and or hiding them in the Grade Service?

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    Thanks for asking, Scott.

    The bug is in Blackboard and it affects hiding or changing LTI links in Blackboard, not in the Grade Service.

    The Unit Map and Course Configuration/Reporting links in Blackboard are LTI tools, and they get hardcoded in the Blackboard database once they are set up. From that point forward, they break if altered in any way. Only Blackboard tech support can fix them.

    The topic hiding feature in the Grade Service does not interact with Blackboard itself, so that is safe to use without worry of breaking links.