How the NROC Course Manager Works

The NROC Course Manager is a proprietary system for tracking student results in the PreAssessments, and delivering course content adapted to the student's level of mastery. It includes a user interface that is accessible by LMS Admins and Instructors only. Students do not interact directly with the Course Manager interface.

The following diagram may assist you in understanding the relationships between the LMS, the NROC Course Manager, and the users.

 (You can also view the full image here)



The NROC Course Manager allows us to track student pre-assessment and other activity results outside of the LMS is a uniform way. 

IMS Global's LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is the protocol that we use to connect the Course (installed in the local LMS) to the NROC Course Manager (which runs on our server). LTI allows us to use the student registration information from the LMS to identify students, courses and teachers individually without requiring a second set of credentials and an additional login. 

When the student takes the pre-assessment, the NROC Course Manager records the scores on each objective. These scores are viewable by the instructor in the NROC Course Manager interface. 

When the student accesses the Unit Map (via the Unit Map link in the course), LTI retrieves user data stored by the NROC Course Manager to create a graphical display of what the student needs to study. This view also directs the student to those particular Topics of the course, while hiding the ones that have been mastered. 

The topics covered in each Unit are determined by settings in the NROC Course Manager. The instructor can hide individual topics so they are not required for mastery of a unit. 

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