Why are there intermediate concepts in the Beginning Algebra sections of Developmental Math?

Instructors at different schools teach Developmental Math concepts in varying sequences, so the DM materials were designed for the greatest flexibility. Often times when a student takes Intermediate Algebra they need a review of Beginning Algebra, so we integrated the topics rather than repeating much of the Beginning Algebra material for review in the Intermediate units.  

This is frequently how Beginning Algebra textbooks are designed. For example, in most Beginning Algebra texts, there are chapters that introduce rationals and radicals and present them in a simpler form than in Intermediate Algebra texts. 

The following sections in each Unit could be considered Intermediate concepts:

  • Unit 10 (L3T1-2)
  • Unit 11 (L2T6 & L3T1-2)
  • Unit 12 (L2T3)
  • Unit 13 (L2T4)
  • Unit 14 (L1T2 & L3T1)

Throughout the Topic Text students will see “Advanced Example” and “Advanced Question” indicated when they encounter Intermediate concepts.

These Intermediate concepts are also clearly denoted in the Instructors Guides for each Unit in the “Keep in Mind” section so that, depending on an instructor’s preference and students’ skill levels, they can choose to skip or use them.

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