What is EdReady?

EdReady is a personalized learning system for students from 7th grade and older who will be tested for their competency in math or English (coming in 2018). A key purpose of EdReady is to help students to detect gaps in their readiness and then give them the resources they need to achieve the competency expectations. EdReady can be used to check mastery in the course of regular study, to plan for college and career opportunities, and to prepare for commonly used placement exams, such as AccuPlacer, Compass, and the ACT.

EdReady tests every user for math readiness in order to recommend a course of study, as needed, tailored to their personal goals. After taking the EdReady diagnostic, users learn which pathways require them to improve their readiness and which do not. If competency gaps are discovered, users are offered a study path customized to their personal learning needs. Students pursuing their study paths are provided with all of the free and open learning resources they need to succeed. NROC members with custom versions of EdReady are entitled to incorporate their own resources and assessment items into their EdReady sites for their students, subject to feasibility.

EdReady provides students, and supporting teachers and other personnel, with a clear plan of where they are, and where they want to go, and the means to get there. NROC members are experimenting with EdReady’s capabilities in many different institutional contexts and for many different “readiness” purposes. With EdReady, you can build the path to math success.


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