NROC Courses: Customizing and Modifying

Question: How do I customize or modify an NROC course?

Answer:  NROC members have the right to customized installed courses using the features of their LMS. Capabilities depend on the course model. Please contact your LMS support team for specific steps to move or remove content in your LMS.  See also Best Practices: Extensive Course Modifications

Standard Courses

NROC Algebra 1 and NROC Developmental Math (standard version) are customizable at the topic level. Using your LMS' feature set, you may rearrange or remove any content you wish, including Team Projects and Tutor Sims.

LTI-based Courses

NROC Math (pre-assessment version) and NROC English both require LTI to connect with the NROC servers. Therefore, you must ensure that the Course Management and Reporting link remains intact when copying or modifying a course.

Beyond that, you can remove or reorganize any content as appropriate for your class. This is done in your LMS, using your LMS' own feature set. 

Note that these courses can be customized at the UNIT level, not the topic level. If you remove a "Unit X / Begin Here" link, you are removing access to the entire unit. The additional content (Team Projects, Tutor Sims) can also be removed/moved if you wish.

The content all remains in the default order in the NROC  Course Manager and it cannot be rearranged or deleted there. If you change the order of units in your LMS, you will see the original order when you log into the Course Manager. If you remove a unit in your LMS, that unit will remain in the Course Manager, but you will not see any student data.

MATH ONLY: If you wish to disable certain topics so that they are not covered, see this article.


Unit-level assessments, midterm/final (Algebra), and placement test (English), take advantage of your LMS' internal assessment engine. We have provided several forms of each assessment so you can use them as you wish, including modifying the individual questions and answer options. For additional information, see: Why are there four Quiz Forms for each unit?

Restricting Access

The ability to restrict access to content (e.g., based on progress, a previous assignment, or a test score) is an LMS feature. NROC does not restrict access to any content. All content is available to all students at all times, unless the LMS administrator, course designer, or instructor makes modifications using the LMS feature set. 

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