Introductory Videos for Site Administrators

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These videos cover important topics to consider as you think about using EdReady, determining your use case, or setting up your Goals and Customized Scopes.  We encourage you to return and review them as needed or share them with new staff who will be responsible for performing Administrative tasks in EdReady.


Getting Started with EdReady

A high-level overview covering the ways that EdReady is most commonly used. (Runtime 3:43)


EdReady 101

EdReady is a robust online learning system that individualizes math and English instruction. This webinar recording illuminates how EdReady works, decode EdReady terminology, and spotlight best practices and reporting functionality. (Runtime 55:04)


Customizable Elements: An EdReady Walkthrough

As you set up your site, it is helpful to keep in mind how your configuration decisions will affect your end users. This video walks through EdReady from a student perspective, focusing on the areas of customization available to you. (Runtime 6:11)


Launching EdReady in 5 Simple Steps

This webinar recording show you how easy it is to get your site set up and ready for students. This session is helpful for people who are new to the EdReady Administrator role or anyone who wants an EdReady refresher. This session reviews the creation of Scopes, Goals, and Administrative Users for any use case. Additionally, it discusses customizing your site’s messaging and guidelines for sharing EdReady with your end-users. (Runtime 37:50)

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