Question Collections for this scope

The EdReady platform hosts many different questions from a variety of contributors. These questions have been gathered into separate collections, separated by contributor. Since our contributors each bring their own background, perspectives, and expertise to the task of authoring questions, it stands to reason that each of the collections will contain questions which evaluate student knowledge of a given learning objective in a slightly different manner.

There are no reliably objective ways of evaluating exactly what distinguishes one collection of questions from another. Every collection was authored by one or more experts in the field. Every contributed question was double-checked for face validity and accuracy by NROC's editorial team or an equivalent team of experts. And every question was double-checked for alignment to the relevant learning objective(s). We believe it is important for students to be exposed to multiple ways of demonstrating competency, so we encourage you to include different question collections in the scopes you customize for your students.

When you choose to include additional collections, you will be asked to designate one collection as the "default". This designation means that EdReady will pull a question from that default collection first, if possible. However, if there are no more unadministered and relevant questions in that collection (or never were), then questions will be pulled at random from any other collections which are included for this scope. We encourage you to retain the NROC collection since that is the only truly comprehensive collection, but any of the included collections can be designated as the default (preferred) collection.

Note that the questions in the excluded collections will never be shown to students, so you must include any collection you want your students to see.

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