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Question Collections Overview

In EdReady, the scopes built from our NROC Algebra 1 and Developmental English content use our NROC Algebra 1 and NROC Developmental English question collections, respectively. However, for scopes built on our NROC Developmental Math content, in addition to our NROC question collection, we also use question collections from subject matter experts from various institutions. Information about these authors and institutions can be found below.

Developmental Math Question Collections


SIAtech is a multi-state network of charter high schools focused on at-risk students. SIAtech is an NROC Member and they kindly donated a collection of math questions that they own. NROC pulled this collection into EdReady without any additional oversight. To learn more about SIAtech, visit their website.

Christianne Nieuwsma

Christianne has been teaching the spectrum of math courses for over 10 years, including basic arithmetic up to and including calculus. Christianne is currently teaching at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona, where she serves as the coordinator for Developmental Mathematics and Developmental Education. For more information on Christianne, you can view her LinkedIn profile.

Becky Moening

Becky completed her Ph.D. in December of 2016 from Ball State University with a focus in Educational Leadership and Administration. Becky serves as the Assistant Department Chair, overseeing the Mathematics Department, at the Warsaw Campus of Ivy Tech Community College. She also serves the as statewide mentor for the online Quantitative Reasoning course. The Becky Moening Collection includes approximately 700 questions covering Units 9-19. For more information on Becky, you can view her LinkedIn profile.  

Aaron Wong

Aaron completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2007. He is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Nevada State College, and served as the Chair of the Department of Physical and Life Sciences from 2014 to 2017. He has invested heavily in the development of effective remediation strategies at his institution, which has led to significant gains in both remedial and college level math completion rates. For more information on Aaron, you can view his LinkedIn profile.

Marissa Ford

Marissa Ford is a mathematics faculty member at the Warsaw Campus of Ivy Tech Community College. Before she started at Ivy Tech in January 2016, she was at Eastern Illinois University where she finished her Master's Degree in Mathematics in December 2015. The Marissa Ford Collection includes approximately 540 questions covering Units 1-4, 6-8, and 15-19. For more information on Marissa, you can view her LinkedIn profile.

Alyson Day

Alyson completed her masters in 2013 from Washington State University. Alyson currently serves as a lead mathematics developer for Lumen Learning. For more information on Alyson, you can view her LinkedIn profile.

Kevin Brewer

Kevin Brewer is an educator with diverse experience. He has taught high school math in inner-city Seattle, rural Oregon, and online. Currently, he teaches GED and developmental math classes at Chemeketa Community College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Lauren Fern

Lauren Fern is a faculty member at the University of Montana Department of Mathematics. Fern lectures and serves as student success coordinator in the math department. She was recently named a 2019 Montana University System Teaching Scholar. The Lauren Fern Collection includes approximately 500 questions for Algebra 1 covering Units 2-12.

Brigette Myers

Brigette Myers is the head of the mathematics department at Stanley Community College in North Carolina. She was named faculty of the year in 2013. The Brigette Myers Collection includes approximately 290 questions in units 2-5.

Kara Roberson

Kara Roberson has been a math instructor for 17 years, most recently teaching at Stanley Community College in North Carolina. Her math background is in real and complex analysis, modern algebra, graph theory, and partial differential equations. The Kara Roberson Collection includes approximately 200 questions in units 1.

Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards has been a math instructor at Stanley Community College in North Carolina for 17 years. He has experience teaching seated, hybrid, and online classes in essential mathematics, introductory algebra, and intermediate algebra. The Greg Edwards Collection includes approximately 190 questions in units 6-7.

Lynn Scott

Lynn Scott has 15 years of mathematics instruction experience, most recently teaching at Guilford Technical Community College. She has taught statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, co-requisite math, and quantitative literacy. The Lynn Scott collection includes approximately 165 questions in units 10 and 12.

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