I am unable to pass a topic test in EdReady, even though I'm sure I got all the answers right.

We understand how frustrating this can be. While we cannot help you pass your test, we can help clear up some common misunderstandings about what to expect in EdReady.

- Keep in mind that EdReady is a study tool, not a high-stakes testing environment. So when you have not mastered a topic, it simply means you need to go back and study the available resources to be sure you are understanding the concepts. Then you can return to the topic and try again to master the test. 

- EdReady never tells you which questions you got right or wrong. So if you get to the end of an assessment, and you did not "master" the topic, that does not indicate that you missed any particular question. It means you did not achieve the "target score" set by your school. 

- If you are having trouble passing a test, we highly recommend that you read the corresponding Topic Text in EdReady. It is the most comprehensive resource provided by EdReady for studying the material. It contains much more information than the video presentations, and it covers all the possible learning objectives you may be tested on.

- Many students find it beneficial to work directly with an instructor or a tutor on campus to be sure that they are answering the questions correctly. This is a good way to identify areas you need to study further.

- EdReady is used by thousands of students every day, in college, high school, and middle school classrooms across the country. We have carefully vetted all of the questions and answers, and it is very rare that we encounter a question that is actually wrong in our system (i.e., has no correct answer, an incorrect answer, or a technical issue). However, if you would like us to confirm that there is indeed a "correct answer" on file for a particular question, we need to know the Question ID. It is a 6-digit number that you will see on screen when you are working on the question. You can submit your request for an evaluation of a question by its Question ID at (click on "Submit a Request" at the top of the page). 

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