NROC Course Library End User System Requirements


Browser and OS Support

We support the most recent software version plus one version back for the following operating system and browsers
  • Win 10 - Edge, Firefox, Chrome
  • Win 8 - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • Mac - Safari, Chrome
  • iOS - Safari

Note: We do not test and support alternate browsers on iOS. If you are having trouble with any browser on iOS, please switch to the default browser, Safari, and verify your settings under "Cookies" below.


We do not support the following:

  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) when used with Windows 10. Please use the default Windows 10 browser, Edge.
  • Acer C710-2487 (Manufactured in 2013)


Internet Connection

A high-speed Internet connection such as DSL or Cable Modem is highly recommended.



Cookies must be enabled for students to access their courses when installed in an LMS. 

Some browsers may require additional settings to be tweaked.

-- Safari Settings --

The following settings are for Safari, which seems to have the most frequent incidence of cookie-related issues.

Cookies and Website Data set to:

Always Allow


Allow from Websites I Visit


Prevent Cross-Site Tracking set to OFF


Technical Support

Technical support is provided to active NROC Members. A Knowledge Base is provided that will answer most technical issues and a ticket system is available for additional support.

Technical support will only apply to issues involving the NROC Library and does not include support for hardware, network, operating system, or computer, or issues related to the member’s LMS.




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