NROC Course Library End User System Requirements

The NROC Library includes the library of multimedia objects and installed NROC Courses. is an independent website that requires only a modern web browser and an internet connection (high-speed recommended). NROC Courses are installed in a member's Learning Management System (LMS) via an IMSCC (IMS Common Cartridge) v. 1.0/1.1 file. LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is required for certain courses to function.
Standard Courses (LTI not required)
  • NROC Algebra 1 - An Open Course
  • NROC Developmental Math (without Pre-Assessments)

LTI-connected Courses

  • NROC Developmental Math (with Pre-Assessments)
  • NROC Developmental English

Browser and OS Support

We support the most recent software version plus one version back for the following operating system and browsers

  • Windows - Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • Mac - Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • iOS - Safari
  • ChromeOS - Chrome (we do not test on Chromebooks regularly, but there are no differences in behavior from Chrome on other platforms)

Note: We do not test or support alternate browsers on iOS. If you are having trouble with any browser on iOS, please switch to the default browser, Safari, and verify your settings under "Cookies" below.

We do not support the following:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) browser with any version of Windows.

Internet Connection

A high-speed internet connection such as cable, satellite, or DSL is highly recommended. Most cellular hot spots are sufficient but may encounter usage spikes that make network access difficult.


Cookies must be enabled in the user's browser.

Some browsers may require additional settings to be tweaked.

Safari Settings

The following settings are for Safari, which seems to have the most frequent incidence of cookie-related issues.

Cookies and Website Data set to:

Always Allow


Allow from Websites I Visit

Prevent Cross-Site Tracking set to OFF

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Support

To install NROC Courses in an LMS, your LMS must support:

  • LTI version 1.0/1.1. (NROC does not support LTI v. 1.3, which uses OAuth)
  • IMSCC imports

You may be able to work around a lack of IMSCC support by doing a manual installation of the course elements. However, LTI is required for all of the interactive components of the course to function. If you have questions about your LMS’ capabilities, contact your LMS provider. If you are looking for a workaround, contact NROC technical support and we will do our best to assist you.

Following is a list of LMSes commonly used by our members. We have seen successful imports into all of these LMSes. We do our best to provide tips and best practices as we learn from testing and from our members' experiences. Your LMS support team may assist with technical issues and/or we can facilitate member-to-member communications when we do not have enough information to provide detailed steps.

  • Agilix Buzz
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • D2L/Brightspace
  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • Schoology

A note about Google Classroom...
Google Classroom is a platform for organizing web content and assignments into a course. It does not support IMSCC imports or LTI connections. Therefore, it does not support NROC Courses. If you are using Google Classroom, you may wish to utilize the multimedia objects and playlists at

Technical Support

Technical support is provided to active NROC Members. A Knowledge Base is provided that will answer most technical issues and a ticket system is available for additional support.

Technical support will only apply to issues involving the NROC Library and does not include support for hardware, network, operating system, or computer, nor issues related to the member’s LMS.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, be sure to update your browser to the latest version. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies is a recommended troubleshooting step, as is trying a different browser temporarily.



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