The EdReady English Resource Library

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EdReady currently hosts English collections for the following areas of coverage:

  • Developmental English, comprising 10 units of material. Fact sheet.

EdReady can also host custom coverage areas and associated collections. This documentation only covers the areas and collections that are available to everyone.

EdReady core collection:
These resources are chosen by default for the associated baseline assessments in EdReady. However, version administrators may choose a different collection as a default.

NROC Developmental English – An Open Program

(displayed in EdReady as 'NROC Developmental English' collection)

NROC’s Developmental English program is designed to help students meet basic college entrance requirements. These online resources integrate and reinforce the standard developmental English curriculum—reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, and grammar skills—to fully prepare students for credit-bearing courses.

The structure of the course content has been altered in EdReady to better match the way that EdReady assesses readiness and recommends a personalized study path. In addition, some of the writing-intensive learning objectives have been removed because they require human grading, which doesn't scale the way EdReady can. We are exploring further refinements and solutions to support the full curriculum alongside our members.

Extensions to the core collection:
Some members like to reference subsets of the core collections as stand-alone resource options. 

We do not currently provide any extensions to the core curriculum.

Contributed Collections:
These resources are made available under a Content Distribution Agreement with the copyright owner for a defined period of time. Access to this content shall be available to members for the period defined in the Content Distribution Agreement, which may vary by course.

NROC will make every effort to renew these Content Distribution Agreements to ensure continued access to this content, but access cannot be guaranteed past the current end date of the Content Distribution Agreement. End dates for current Distribution Agreements are listed after each collection name.


We do not currently host any contributed collections for English.



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