EdReady Roles and Permissions: Change Teacher to SiteVersionAdmin (or vice versa)

There are two possible admin roles in EdReady: Teacher and SiteVersionAdmin (SVA). When an admin account is created, the role is fixed. The only way to change the role later is by deleting and recreating the account. However, the difference between the two accounts is minimal, so in most cases the change is not necessary. This article will help you decide.

There are only two things that a person with the "Teacher" role cannot do:
  • The Teacher role does not have the option to be assigned to "all goals" with one checkbox as a SiteVersionAdmin can. However, Teachers can be assigned to any/all goals by individually checking those goals on the Goals tab.

  • The Teacher role cannot log in with SSO (single sign-on).


Upgrading a user from Teacher to SVA is only necessary if one of both of those options would be useful. Otherwise, simply assign any additional admin-type permissions you want the user to have as shown here:Administrative Users: Role Permissions. (Note that you cannot assign any permissions to another user that you do not have yourself.)

Downgrading a user from SVA to Teacher is generally unnecessary. Simply avoid using the "all goals" checkbox and check off the individual goals you want the user to have access to.


If you decide that you do need to make a change to a user's role, contact us with the user's email address, and mention that you have already read this article. We will delete the account so you can recreate it with the role you want to use.

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