Discussion Group Notifications

When you join a Group in the NROC Community, you will automatically be subscribed to messages from that group, based on your current message settings.

You can edit your message settings at any time by editing your Profile: hover over your Name in the header and click Edit My Profile in the drop-down menu:



Message Options:

  • The When I join a Discussion Group dropdown indicates your default settings. Options are:
    • Allow all notifications
    • Only allow subscribed notifications: you will only receive messages for topics in this group that you specifically subscribe to
    • Block all notifications
  • Messages about a specific topic will also include an opt-out link. If you are subscribed to a forum and are not interested in a topic being discussed, you can use that link to stop receiving notifications about any replies.
  • If you'd rather not receive individual messages with each posting, click the Enable Forum Digests setting (under the 'Instead of individual messages' heading). You can also specify the Digest Frequency (Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly)
  • If desired, you can receive both individual and digest messages by enabling the Get notified of new topics/replies as soon as they are created setting (under the 'Instant Forum Notifications' setting)


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