How to Change Your Group Logo

Group Administrators can change their group's logo.

  1. Visit your group's home page.
  2. Click "Manage Group" in the left navigation menu.
  3. Click on the "Photo" tab.
  4. Drag and drop your new logo to the box at the bottom of the screen, or use the "select your file" button to choose an image from your hard drive.
  5. Crop your photo using the tool provided. You can drag the corners of the cropping box, and you can click and drag the entire box to center it over your image. Your image appears on the left, cropped into a circle. (If your logo's background is white, the circle will not be visually obvious.)
  6. Click the save button.

Refresh your page, and you will see the new logo.

Logo Specifications

  • Your logo should be at least 150x150 pixels.
  • Your logo will be cropped to a circle in most places around the NROC Network, so you should leave at least a 25 pixel margin around the logo, within the square.
  • A colored background may work best, because it will appear on a white background.

Note: You can also change your group's cover photo in the same manner, using the Cover Photo tab.



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