NROC Math Materials In EdReady Being Upgraded to HTML5

On November 1, 2016 all NROC Math resources (Algebra 1 and Developmental Math) within EdReady were upgraded from Flash-based to HTML5. These resources are found after the end-user (student) clicks the Learn button while on their study path.

For an end-user, the change is primarily visual, and the same Topic-level components remain available: Warm Up, Presentation, Worked Examples, Topic Text, Practice, and Review. You can see an example Topic homepage in each format below, with the updated navigation display highlighted:


Above: Flash-based Topic Home
Below: HTML5 Topic Home

The Topic Text, always a critical component of the student learning experience, was better incorporated into the learning path and is included in the primary learning path. Rather than opening in a new tab/ window, the Topic Text will now open inside the Topic's study resource (like the other portions of the learning path). 


Benefits of this change:

  • Consistent User Experience across devices/ operating systems
    • Users are no longer dependent on having the Flash plugin
    • Consistent user experience for everyone, regardless of the device or operating system they are using: students using devices that do not natively support Flash (such as iPads) will now be able to access our Math materials. (Previously these users could only access the Presentation and Worked Examples.)
  • Improved Accessibility
    • Improves the Accessibility of our materials, allowing them to more easily read by students using screen readers.


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