NROC Course Manager - Administrator Role

When setting up NROC courses that require a connection to the NROC Course Manager, you will be instructed to request administrative login credentials for the NROC Course Manager.

What does this role entail?

Administrative credentials provide management capabilities in the NROC Course Manager account for the entire institution. Initially, the administrator must log in to get the secure key and secret for setting up LTI tools in the LMS. This same login provides for ongoing management of instructor accounts, assisting instructors with password problems, and accessing student data and reports across the entire institution.

Who should have this role?

Most commonly, this role is assigned to the LMS Administrator during the initial course installation and setup of LTI tools in the LMS -- a task which requires administrative-level permissions in the LMS.

Since the LMS Administrator is often responsible for providing LMS support to instructors, having the ability to reset passwords and "login as" the instructors can be very useful. Additionally, this level of access allows the LMS Administrator to have better insight into the system if any issues arise that require direct help from NROC Technical Support.

How can others see institution-wide data?

The administrator role's login credentials (username and password) are intended to be shared between select staff who require access to institution-wide data and reporting capabilities.

However, please note there can be just one email address associated with the administrator account. That email address is used for managing password resets for the administrator account.

Note: Instructor-level accounts must also have a single email address for password resets and optional student contact. Instructor-level accounts can only access reports and student data for the classes associated with that particular account.



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