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This page will show you summary information for a student, including when his EdReady account was created and the total number of logins. If this student is using EdReady with a screenreader, you can check "Use EdReady with a Screenreader". You can also apply Tags to the student’s account so you can easily identify similar students on the Students Tab and in the reports.

If you see the Deactivate button, it means the student is currently Active. If you do not want this student to be able to log into your EdReady site, you can click the Deactivate button to make this login Inactive. 


Why would you do this? In the past, the most common reasons for making a student account Inactive have been:

  • The student was a valid user of your EdReady site, but is no longer valid. Perhaps this is because they had been enrolled in your school or program and that is no longer true.
  • The student accidentally created several EdReady accounts: for example, they may have registered with their school email address and a personal email address and cannot remember which one they should be using.
    • When this happens it can cause student confusion and frustration when they log in and the progress is different than they remember: this is not really a problem with EdReady, but ends up being an issue related to their multiple accounts.
  • In this situation, it is helpful to deactivate all but one of the student’s accounts so that all progress is consolidated under one login; however, if the student has worked in two accounts there is no way for us to “move” progress from one account to another.

If you see the Activate button, it means the student is currently Inactive and you can click this button to make the student account Active.

It is important to note that a possible reason a student will be Inactive is because they did not click on the link in their account confirmation email. It is important that they receive and take action on this email to indicate that their email address is valid – more often than not, students who do not receive this email have entered their email address incorrectly. Students who use an invalid email address with EdReady will be unable to reset their own passwords via the automated functionality, will not receive the Congratulations message when reaching their target score, and are likely to have trouble logging in (since their login email is different than their real email address). For these reasons, we strongly suggest that you validate the student’s email address before you activate the account manually.

That being said, emails are occasionally lost in transit, so this functionality is available in the event you find a need to manually activate your students. 

Screenreader support

Students can indicate (during registration or on their My Account page) that they require Screenreader support, but EdReady Admins can also apply this setting for appropriate students. 


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