What is the difference between NROC Course Manager credentials and NROC Network credentials?

Some members of your institution may have two sets of login credentials: one for the NROC Course Manager and one for the NROC Network.

NROC Course Manager

There are two types of NROC Course Manager credentials: administrator and instructor.

During the initial course installation, the LMS administrator is provided with a username and password to access the NROC Course Manager and retrieve the "key" and "secret". This NROC Course Manager Administrator login is also used for retrieving institution-wide reports for the applicable subject area (for example, Developmental English).

Instructors also have a username and password for the NROC Course Manager. These credentials are created by the instructor at the time the course is registered with the NROC Course Manager. These credentials provide one instructor per class with the ability to view student data on a class-by-class basis. Instructors have one login to see data for all the classes they teach; however, they are not able to see institution-wide data, or data for other instructors' classes.

NROC Network

There are two levels of access to the NROC Network: the credentialed NROC Project Team and open (non-credentialed) access for instructors.

The NROC Network is our member services site. Credentialed login access is not required for the majority of the resources available through the NROC Network website. However, there are some secure resources--such as course installation files, assessment answer keys, and access to technical support tickets--that are provided only to a few, select individuals at each member institution.

In order to protect these secure resources, up to five members of your institution make up the NROC Project Team, and are given credentials for the NROC Network. Typically, these people include your institution's NROC Project Manager, a technical support person or LMS administrator, and select others who are helping to manage the project at the institution. The decision to provide this level of access is made by the NROC Project Manager at the institution, and not by NROC. 

Common Access Scenarios

It is quite common for the LMS administrator to have login credentials for both the NROC Network and the NROC Course Manager.

The LMS administrator typically has NROC Course Manager Administrator privileges, at least during the setup of the course. This level of access may eventually be handed off to someone else who will access and distribute institution-wide reports.

Instructors typically have their own NROC Course Manager credentials so they can access their own student data, but do not have the ability to log in at the NROC Network. Instructors are encouraged to take advantage of the open resources available at the NROC Network, including the Help Center and  Community.

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