Will NROC courses and tools work on Chromebooks?

We have unofficially tested some NROC resources (NROC courses, HippoCampus, and EdReady) on Chromebooks, and many users have reported successful experiences. We have thousands of users each month accessing EdReady and HippoCampus on Chromebooks, and we do not hear of any issues unique to that platform.

Please keep in mind that Chromebooks run on the Chrome OS (not Mac or Windows) and do not have a hard drive. So there may be certain browser actions (such as caching) that are handled differently by the Chrome browser on a Chromebook than they are handled on a PC or Mac.

But in general, based on our analytics and unofficial testing, we expect the experience to be comparable between Chromebooks and other laptop computers.

Please note that some older Chromebooks may have hardware conflicts that we cannot compensate for. We do not support: 

  • Acer Chromebook C710-2487 (Manufactured in 2013)

If you have specific questions or issues to report, please get in touch with us at

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