How to Create a Custom Textbook Correlation on HippoCampus

Registered users at your branded HippoCampus site may create their own textbook correlations. When logged in, they would:

1) Navigate to the appropriate subject page
2) Click on the “Textbook Correlations” tab
3) Choose “Edit” (to the right of the Textbooks title in Column 1)
4) Choose “Add a Correlation”
5) Enter the information for the Textbook to be correlated (title, edition, publisher, etc.) and click "Save"
6) Select a course (for example - “Algebra 1 – An Open Course”) from the "Select a course" pull down menu
7) Input the textbook page number(s) that correlate to each of the Algebra I Topic titles listed (using the appendix or TOC from the book as a reference)
8) Click "Save"
9) Close the correlation box, and after a moment or two, the subject page will refresh with the textbook listed in Column 1.

This textbook correlation is now be available to any users of that teacher’s custom HippoCampus site.   They may access it using the unique URL for the teacher-customized site.

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