NROC Secure Access Codes

It is up to each NROC Member institution to decide which of their staff require access to secure content at the NROC Network.  This decision is made by the NROC Project Manager who will give authorized users a secure access code to use.

This access code allows the user to upgrade their account to access secure content, such as IMSCC files and instructor guides that contain tests and answer keys.

If you believe you should have access to secure NROC content, please contact your NROC Project Manager to request an access code.  If you are unsure who your NROC Project Manager is, please submit a ticket and we will assist you.

Secure access codes were emailed -- along with instructions for their use -- to all designated NROC Project Managers. The subject line of that email was, "Your NROC Access Codes - PLEASE KEEP SECURE".

NROC Project Managers - If you are unable to locate the email, please submit a ticket and we will assist you.

Please note: NROC staff do not give out the access code directly. Only the NROC Project Manager is authorized to distribute the access code to select users. Typically, a maximum of five people per membership are given this level of access. These users can, in turn, use your institution's secure method of content delivery to provide secure resources to faculty and staff who need them.

For more information, see this article.

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