How to Access Secure Content

Some content included with your NROC Membership contains secure information, such as test questions and answer keys. This content is identified by a "lock" icon. Secure content is available only to select users authorized by your institution. 

NROC does not provide users with access to secure content, as we do not know which members should be authorized. It is up to the designated local NROC Project Manager for your institution to make that determination, and provide the access code to appropriate staff.

Typically, secure access is given to about five people (such as the LMS administrator, curriculum designer, or department heads) who, in turn, can securely distribute content to faculty through local channels, as needed. 

There are two ways to access secure NROC content: 

  1. Contact the person at your institution who is responsible for distributing course content. This may be your LMS administrator, your department head, or the curriculum designer. He or she may already have access to secure NROC resources, and can provide them to you through secure channels established by your institution.

  2. Contact the NROC Project Manager at your institution. If you do not know whom to contact, check your institution's Group page at the NROC Network. If your group's NROC Project Manager is not listed on the "Our NROC Links" page, submit a ticket and we will assist you.


If you believe you should have access to secure NROC content, please contact your NROC Project Manager to request an access code. This code will enable you to upgrade your account at the NROC Network so you can access secure resources.

If your NROC Project Manager needs more information about how to find their secure access code, please refer him/her to this article.

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